Muscat Cask Finish (in Gift Box) Limited Release, 700ml


48.5% ABV | 700ml

Sweet tropical fruits & orange zest make way for honeycomb, light spice and soft oak, beautifully married with rich, oily Tasmanian malt that envelops the palate. A wonderful whisky to share with good food, family and friends.

This 700ml bottle is displayed in a beautiful gift box with 2 whisky tasting glasses from Scotland.

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This Whisky has a story worth sharing...

Recognised as one of the 'Four Founders' of the Tasmanian Whisky industry, Casey Overeem established Overeem Distillery in 2007. However, his whisky journey dates back to the 1980's, when his first distilling experience coupled with a love for Single Malt Whisky, inspired him to make a promise - a promise that 'one day he would create a single malt that could stand alongside the best whiskies in the world'.

Upon releasing his first whiskies in 2012, Overeem almost immediately gained global attention and praise. Both the port and sherry cask matured expressions demonstrated a respect to whisky tradition, while also turning to face a new world of single malt whisky.

In 2018, twenty 100 litre Overeem port and sherry casks (between 5-6 years of age) were selected, married together, and dispersed among several old 500L Australian fortified casks from the Barossa Valley - one of which is this exceptional Muscat cask.

These casks have pedigree, as the Barossa region undoubtedly was built on the back of a fortified industry over the last 180 years. In fact, back in the 1930’s Australia was selling more fortified wines to the UK than Portugal, arguably the home of port wines. The region still possesses a strong fortified culture, albeit with its core focus now primarily on the premium end of the market. There are wineries within the region today that have fortified wines available representing ages from 50 to 100 years old.

As the story is told, back in 1985 during the infamous vine pull era of the Barossa, wine industry icon Carl Lindner was insultingly offered $150 per tonne for his premium Shiraz. Instead of agreeing to the price, he decided to process the grapes himself, fortify them with spirit and backfilled a number of old fortified kegs. He then spread these barrels out through numerous sheds to sit dormant until one day he may call upon them.  It was 11 years later, when he and two friends gathered up 12 of these barrels that held this 1985 fortified Shiraz, and over the years depleted the stocks until one day, it was decided the balance would form the base of what is today Langmeil’s 25yr old Liquor Tawny.

Overeem Distillery sourced 4 of these casks directly from the winery in 2018, and although the original origins of these casks are unknown, it is thought that they significantly predate this story, and additionally have held numerous fortified parcels throughout their lives.  Some of these casks are still at rest in our bond stores, quietly and patiently developing our single malt whisky further.  This Muscat Cask however was thoroughly critiqued, and unanimously selected to be bottled.

A perfect whisky to be shared and enjoyed among friends.


Raspberry sorbet, melted white chocolate, madadamia nuts with soft jersey caramels and creamy strawberry cheesecake.


Sweet fruits, orange zest, rich cocoa, rum and raisins moving to butterscotch and caramel, with a malt driven, full-bodied back end.


Waves of stewed rhubarbs and berries, light spice and orange rind with a softly toasted oak finish inviting you back for more.

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