12 Year Old Bourbon Cask Matured – OHD-080


46% ABV | 700ml

Filled: 10 May 2010

195 in stock

This is it. The final cask from this 12 Year Old Bourbon series. These releases have not only paid tribute to our distillery founder and Tasmanian Whisky Pioneer Casey Overeem but have also aimed to celebrate the return of Overeem Whisky to its founding family.
They also represent and point to the collegiality of the Tasmanian Whisky industry, in facilitating the opportunity for this homecoming to take place, and for these whiskies to be enjoyed how they were originally intended.
This cask symbolises all of the above, and simply stands alone as a delicious single cask, single malt whisky that upholds all of the qualities and attributes of the previous casks in this series. It speaks of Casey's dedication to quality and consistency, his meticulous eye for detail across all aspects of whisky creation, and his overarching promise 'to create a whisky that would one day stand alongside the great whiskies of the world.'


Bounty chocolate bar, sherbet, vanilla syrup, banana & candied orange peel


Beautiful Tasmanian malted barley, rich oils, fruit tingles, creme brulee, stone fruits & toffee


Fruit tingle, lemon zest, vanilla & fresh buttered raisin toast

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