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Man of Promise Reserve

OHD-326  Port Cask Matured
Release Date: 9th Nov. 2020
48% ABV | 700ml
Casey Overeem, founder of the Overeem Distillery was given the special task of hand selecting his favourite cask from 2020. This year he chose an exceptional port cask that has all the typical Overeem characteristics to complement your favourite Christmas treats! 
Bottled at 48% ABV, Casey has also hand-signed every bottle in this release!

First Release Sherry Cask Matured
(Cask Strength)

Cask OHD-001
60% ABV | 700ml 
From the first cask ever released by Overeem Distillery, this bottle represents a piece of Tasmanian whisky history. 
Bottle No. 059 of 110

First Release Sherry Cask Matured

Cask OHD-002  
43% ABV | 700ml
The first sherry cask matured whisky bottled at 43% by Overeem Distillery.  Awarded 'Liquid Gold' by Jim Murray, including best single cask, single malt whisky in Australia.
Bottle No. 099 of 175
Bottle No. 100 of 175

First Release Port Cask Matured
(Cask Strength)

Cask OHD-008 
60% ABV | 700ml 
Distilled by founder Casey Overeem and one of his favourite expressions. One to be savoured for special occasions. This expression was Overeem Distillery's first port cask strength whisky release, awarded 'Liquid Gold' by Jim Murray in 2013.
Bottle No. 060 of 122

Sherry Cask Matured (Cask Strength)

Cask OHD-003 
60% ABV | 700ml 
An exceptional bottle of whisky from the third cask released by Overeem Distillery. This bottle represents great value to collect or to enjoy with someone special.
Bottle No. 009 of 075

First Release Bourbon Cask Matured

Cask OHD-055 
43% ABV | 700ml 
Overeem Distillery has only released a handful of bourbon casks to date. Limited and rare, first release bourbon bottlings are increasingly difficult to find and are a significant part of Overeem Whisky history.
Bottle No. 115 of 170
Bottle No. 167 of 170

Bourbon Cask Matured

Cask OHD-069 
43% ABV | 700ml 
The elusive and rare bourbon cask matured whisky from Overeem Distillery is one to savour and enjoy.
Bottle No. 57 of 150