Our Whisky

Every bottle of Overeem Single Malt Whisky is meticulously hand-crafted through patience and precision. Our slow and measured production techniques and purpose built bond stores where the spirit gently develops over time, results in layers of subtle, yet complex and delicate flavours awaiting the appreciative palate. Released exclusively as single cask, where each bottle can be identified by its unique cask and bottle number to ensure its authenticity, all Overeem Whisky, is Single Malt Whisky in its purest form.

"a masterclass of elegance and balance with layer upon layer of complexity and flavour"
"This is not only strongly robust, but is a vibrant, exciting and alluring dram that glides round your mouth delightfully like velvet."
"This is a dram that doffs its hat to tradition, whilst turning to face a new world of whisky."
Chris Ross, Co-Founder, The Whisky List
"Overeem is simply world-class Single Malt Whisky"