Overeem Distillery is situated in the port city of Hobart, in south-eastern Tasmania, an island of unspoiled beauty, some 240 kilometres south of mainland Australia.  It is a pristine environment where nature in her magnificence provides an abundance of soft, pure water from the slopes of Mount Wellington, premium barley and a perfect climate for the production of this unique single malt whisky. 

Every bottle of Overeem Single Malt Whisky is meticulously hand-crafted with patience and precision in a unique process to produce an exceptionally delicate and smooth spirit.  Thereafter, maturation takes place in heavily charred and toasted oak casks, nestled in a cool environment where the spirit can rest and gently develop over time.  All Overeem Single Malt Whiskies offer layers of subtle, yet complex and delicate flavours awaiting the appreciative palate.

A Pioneer

Tasmanian Whisky pioneer Casey Overeem, founded Overeem Distillery in 2007 as the fourth distillery in Tasmania. His first distilling experience in Norway in the 1980s fuelled his passion, and following years of research and experimentation, his ambitious quest to create a whisky that 'would proudly stand alongside the best whiskies in the world' began.

Patience and Passion

A meticulous and precise craftsman with a keen eye for detail, Casey practised patience throughout all aspects of the distillery. From long fermentation times to long and gentle maturations, Casey’s dedication to quality never faltered.

A Loyal Following

After launching the distillery's first releases in 2012 alongside his daughter Jane as marketing and sales manager, Overeem Single Malt Whisky quickly gained popularity throughout the country and received global praise. Nationally, a loyal following formed, seeing releases regularly sell out within minutes.

The Legacy Continues

Today, Jane Overeem and her husband Mark continue Casey’s legacy, following the practices and principles on which Overeem Distillery was founded. They continue to grow the brand's popularity both nationally and internationally and remain true to Casey’s original ambition.