The Tasmanian Collection


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In 2015 nine members of the Tasmanian Whisky Producers Association each donated twenty-litres of new make spirit to be expertly blended at Tasmania Distillery. The resultant spirit was then used to fill eleven purpose built casks.

TheĀ filled casks were then sent back to each distillery for maturation on site. The ‘Overeem Tasmanian Collection’ is being matured in a twenty-litre SA Cooperage, French-Oak ex-Port cask.

The Tasmanian Collection is a snapshot in time of the skills of the Tasmanian whisky industry, which perfectly captures the unique terroir and subtleties gained from maturation in distinctly different surroundings.

Bottle size: 700ml

15 bottles will be sold on 31 August 2016, the remainder of the cask at the end of 2017.
All bottles will be sent to their owners at the end of 2017.

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